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Are you looking to join a group of like-minded people who share your passion for working with purpose in the mission-driven sector? Do you need some one-on-one guidance? Are you looking for more networking and career development opportunities?

Explore my general offerings, and then let's tailor a program that's just made for you.

Community Cohort

Feeling isolated and stuck in your job search? I lead and facilitate my Cause After A Pause Community Cohort, a circle of like-minded nonprofit sector career (re)launchers. Includes group sessions, guided "field trips" to networking events, curated calendars of career development events, and guest mentor speakers. Takes a deep dive into the Greater Boston nonprofit job market and identifies valuable sector stakeholders.

Group Lecture
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Advising Services

My clients are typically women looking to find their place in the nonprofit sector after a career hiatus or a path in the private sector. My 1:1 services include advising on personal branding, purposeful career networking, customizing resumes and cover letters and more. I also work with nonprofit founders in the area of board development and governance, budgeting, fundraising, and community outreach.


I lead workshops that focus on nonprofit sector career relaunch strategies, hiring trends, purposeful project-based volunteering, benefits of board service, and best board recruitment and management practices. These workshops are designed to help nonprofit sector career re-launchers identify and connect with healthy and growing organizations doing good work.

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